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We provide a proven process with enough flexibility to deliver you World-Class Digital Experience on-time and on-budget. A dedicated team of professionals will help you through every step using best project-management tools.

Our Process

Our process to develop World-class online solutions with delightful user experiences for our clients.

Step 1

Onboarding & Kick-off​

We always like to begin with on board meeting to consult the project. During the project onboarding, you’ll meet your Project Manager and team who will guide you through our process and tools. Our goal is to make sure that you will get complete transparency till the successful project deployment.

  • Project team
  • Project tools

Step 2

Discover & Plan

This is the main step where the project get started. In this phase we introduce you with your company intro, your goals and target audience needs. Your hired team introduces you with the primary objective of the project development, Scope, Budget and a deadline to deliver a product to review.

  • Scope of the project
  • Cost of the project
  • Delivery milestones
  • Documentation

Step 3

UI-UX Design

After successfully signing off the step 2, the Designers start working on the project. Designers start designing wireframes and layouts using Figma, Sketch and Adobe creative and get all feedback on the designs suggestions. Also, developers join the conversation and discuss solutions to develop using best techniques. It helps developers to develop the solution in the next phase quickly and easily.

  • Wireframe
  • Style Guides & Branding
  • Prototyping
  • UI-UX Design

Step 4


After approval of the UI-UX of the project, the Engineers will take over the phase and start engineering of the solution. Engineers use the best technologies and practices which are required to develop the best digital solution. In addition, QA (Quality Assurance) starts to test the solution and point out all of the bugs and get them fixed before your review of the solution.

  • Front-end Development
  • Integrate 3rd Party tools
  • Integrate CMS or Backend
  • Testing of the Solution

Step 5

Deploy (Going-live)

After engineering the solution and 100% validate results from QA, we gather all of the feedback from you. As soon as we get a green signal from you, we are ready to push it LIVE. In this phase we help you to select the right hosting or cloud architecture for your new digital solution. We optimize the performance of the solution and always make sure it works perfectly for all browsers and devices. We are happy to push the solution to the LIVE domain and hosting for your target audience.

  • Consult Hosting Solutions
  • Final environment testing
  • Set up Domain & Hosting
  • Push Live

Step 6

Maitain & Care

Once your product is built and live, we’re there to help in every way, shape, or form. Website maintenance, SEO or UX optimization, enhanced security measures, new features — you name it. We’re your team, and we’ll stick with you until the end.

Our Values

To Studio Mousers, world-class digital products take more than smart code or innovtive design. It requires trust and good partnership between the ideators and the innovators. Our collaborations with clients are always built on transparency, communication, great project management and attention to detail.

Transparency is very important when it comes to building trust and satisfaction. Following that promise by both sides great results are guaranteed. We believe complete transparency forms healthy communication, and healthy communication builds perfect products.

Communication is the main key to build a mutual respect and understanding with clients and the best way into great project management. It is completely about listening, discussing and being so active to communicate about each and every update related to product development.

Project Management defers that project completion should be On-Time and On-Budget. We always take care that project milestones are scheduled properly and budget based on the right scope and timelines. Our Project Managers always take care of every detail from the beginning to end.

​To partner with a company means taking complete responsibility and building trust to deliver the product to the highest quality. To do that, we give attention to each pixel and every line of code to ensure the quality of the end product on the best standards. Every team member is responsible for the success of the final solution, and so as for growing relationships with our clients.


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